Инструкция Texet T-139

Gas relief ports that alleviate gas pressure in the piston cylinder (placed horizontally in a row on the gas cylinder in the AK-47) were moved forward to the gas block and placed in a radial arrangement. An Iranian child soldier holding an AKM in the Iran–Iraq War A version of the AKMSN additionally supplied with factory tritium night sights is called the AKMSNP. The weapon uses the same ammunition as the AK-47: the ×39mm M43 intermediate rifle cartridge The AKM mechanism's design principles and procedures for loading and firing are practically identical to those of the AK-47 the only difference being the trigger assembly (during the return stage of the bolt carrier on fully automatic mode) as a result of incorporating the rate reducer device. The forward barrel trunnion has a non-threaded socket for the barrel and a transverse hole for a pin that secures the barrel in place On some models the rear trunnion has two extended mounting arms on both sides that support the buttstock; other fixed models use a stepped shaped trunnion that covers the full width of the inside of the receiver.

Foreground: A member of the United States Air Force field-qualifying with a USSR AKM. In general this is an improvement with respect to firing accuracy to the AK-47 The vertical and horizontal mean (R50) deviations with service ammunition at 800 m (875 yd) for AK platforms are. The AKM was produced in the following versions: AKMP AKML and AKMLP whereas the AKMS led to the following models – AKMSP AKMSN and AKMSNP It is designed especially for use by paratroopers–as the folding stock permits more space for other equipment when jumping from a plane and then landing. The gas block in the AKM does not have a cleaning rod capture or sling loop but is instead fitted with an integrated bayonet support collar that has a cleaning rod guide hole The forward sling loop was relocated to the front handguard retainer cap The handguard retainer also has notches that determine the position of the handguards on the barrel The AKM’s laminated wood handguards have lateral grooves that help securely grip. The AKMLP is a version of the AKML with tritium sights (as in the AKMP) The AKMSP rifle is based on the folding stock AKMS variant but fitted with tritium night sights as in. The AKM’s bolt carrier is slightly lighter in weight and has some minor differences in. A Kbk AKMS fitted with a MILES laser training device in the hands of a Polish soldier. Full version of the page image showing both sides of the gun From the Swedish Army Museum in Stockholm. The transition from steel to mainly plastic magazines yielded a significant weight reduction and allow a soldier to carry more rounds for the same weight. A version of the AKM with a modified lower handguard designed to accept the 40 mm wz 1974 Pallad grenade launcher was developed in Poland and designated the karabinek-granatnik. The AKM uses a modified return spring mechanism which replaces the single recoil spring guide rod with a dual “U”-shaped.

Note: All ×39mm AK magazines are backwards compatible with older AK variants Note *:  kg (22.3 lb) is the maximum amount of ammo that the average soldier can comfortably carry It also allows for best comparison of the three most common ×39mm AK-style magazines.